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The following terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") govern your use of this web site, and any content made available from or through this web site, including any subdomains thereof (the "Web Site"). The Web Site is made available by Deborah Car & Limo Service INC. We may change the Terms and Conditions from time to time, at any time without notice to you, by posting such changes on the Web Site. BY USING THE WEB SITE, YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS APPLIED TO YOUR USE OF THE WEB SITE. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you may not access or otherwise use the Web Site.


Credit card is required for all reservations. All credit cards will be verified for the quoted price, before vehicle leaves the base (our office). All credit cards will be ID verified. We do not accept credit cards provided by a third party, unless we have verified owner and approval from the owner in writing. Refer to PAYMENT FORM LINK. We accept all major credit cards. Additional charges, including, but not limited to "Additional Wait Time", "After hours", "Overtime", "Gratuity", "Fuel Surcharge", "No Show" and other fees, will be itemized on the invoice. You are also agreeing that:

(1) You are the credit card holder.
(2) You are requesting the services listed on the reservation page.
(3) You are authorizing this card to be used for the requested services.
(4) If Passenger fails to show up without contacting us; the full fee will be billed to your credit card.
(5) If cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice before the schedule date and time, the full fee will be billed to your credit card.


After the grace period of waiting time, the driver will wait for an additional 30 minutes. Which will be charged at a prorated rate of $50/HR. If there is no contact with the passenger/client, the driver will leave the premises and we will let you know by e-mail,text message or phone call that the driver did not successfully pick up the passenger.


International Flights: 40 MINUTES after scheduled arrival time at no charge. After that, you will be charged a prorated standard rate of $50/HR
Domestic Flights: 20 MINUTES after scheduled arrival time at no charge. After that, you will be charged a prorated standard rate of $50/HR


We are not responsible for articles lost, stolen, damaged, or left in our vehicles. You expressly waive any and all notice from Deborah Car and Limo Service regarding any lost, stolen, damaged or belongings left in our vehicles, or the disposal of same. Please check for your belongings before leaving the vehicle.


Law prohibits drug use. Any use shall result in termination of the transportation and a charge for the full quoted price and other occurring charges.


Please refrain from excessive drinking, be respectful to the chauffeur, refrain from the use of foul language, and unacceptable behavior - it will lead to termination of the transportation. Quoted price and other occurring charges such as any damages to the property of Deborah Car & Limo Service, and its employees well being, applicable attorney fees, court expenses, etc. will apply.


We are not liable for circumstances beyond our control, including weather, road conditions, mechanical breakdown, etc.

We "Deborah Car and Limousine Service" will not be liable for any private arrangements with the drivers. We encourage customers to arrange any transportation requests directly with "Deborah Car and Limousine Service".

Deborah Car & Limo Service reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any portion of this Agreement in whole or in part, at any time, without prior notice. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective when notice of such change is posted. Terms and Conditions shall be deemed complete and effective upon posting on www.deborahlimo.com

Thank you for your cooperation...